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Unit 6 Greenhill House, 26 Greenhill Crescent, Watford Business Park, WATFORD, Hertfordshire, WD18 8XG
Telephone  0870 428 0075
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MTS Building, Hughenden Avenue, HIGH WYCOMBE, Buckinghamshire, HP13 4FT
Telephone  01494 755600
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Address AERMEC

AiAX (A.C.) Limited
Horizon House
Azalea Drive
Telephone  01322 612020
More Contact Numbers |  01322 612030 

Profile Company Profile

Aermec: 40 years searching for the ideal climate

1962    Giordano Riello sets up Riello Condizionatori, initially producing for contractors only. The story begins.

1963    The Aermec brand is born and marks all future company products designed and manufactured on site. The brand name gains a stronghold as a major product name in Italy and throughout Europe. The Sixties see the development of Aermec and in parallel the development of Italian air conditioning equipment. Aermec is at the cutting edge with innovative solutions. At the end of the Sixties Aermec opens up the road to the concept of climate control. "The right climate for all seasons" becomes much more than just a slogan.

1970    Aermec can already supply fresh and warm air. Aermec presents the first dual section conditioner: the first "split-system". Fancoil production starts. 

1980    The Eighties sees the development of water chillers and air handling units. 

1990    The Nineties mark the definitive consolidation of the company on the market. The Aermec brand is associated with advanced technology and high quality design. 

1998    The name makes the company. From 1 January Aermec becomes the company name as well as product brand.

2000    The company consolidated its leadership in the production of fancoils, and laid the technological and production basis for strong growth in the field of high powered air-conditioning systems. 

2002    Design and technology: Aermec launched Omnia a new generation of fancoils, designed for domestic applications. Result of co-operation with a worldwide prestigious designer, OMNIA formed the best alternative to traditional heating systems, offering the chance of cooled air in summer when combined with Idrosplit systems. The air chillers of small, medium and large capacity made the Aermec range ideal for any sort of installation. 

2004    The international market ask for number and Aermec answer. Giordano Riello make the producing system more technological. High producing, quality and assistance: the success of Aermec is going to continue...
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