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Certification Bodies are accredited to the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). CORGI gas operatives wishing to take initial ACS assessments or retake their ACS modules or add to their ACS portfolio will attend an approved Training Centre which will belong to at least one Certification body. CORGI installers can take or retake their ACS Domestic Gas, ACS Commercial Gas and ACS LPG modules. OFTEC Oil Technicians can take or retake their OFTEC 101, OFTEC 102, OFTEC 103, OFTEC 105, OFTEC 600A and OFTEC 800 competency certificates as well as Plumbers from differant Plumbing & Heating Industry sectors taking the electrical Part P qualification, Unvented Hot Water Systems, Part L Energy Efficiency certificates etc.
Unit 5, Station Close, Westover Trading Estate, LANGPORT, Somerset, TA10 9RB
Telephone  01458 252757
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Address National Association for Professional Inspectors and Testers (NAPIT) Ltd

Suite L4A, 4th Floor
Mill 3
Pleasley Vale Business Park
NG19 8RL
Telephone  0870 4441392
More Contact Numbers |  0870 4441427 
Website  www.napit.org.uk

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NAPIT was formed in 1992 as the National Association for Professional Inspectors and Testers, with the aim of setting standards for industry. Since then NAPIT's role has evolved and expanded to be one of the fastest growing Government Approved register holders for Part P Registered Domestic Electrical Installers (both full and defined scope) while continuing to serve the needs of those carrying out equipment testing and electrical installation and testing in commercial and industrial sectors.
Changes to the Building Regulations (Parts F, G, H, J, and L in England and Wales) meant many electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation contractors were finding they needed to notify work across several disciplines. In the past this has meant having to join several different Competent Persons Schemes to be able to self certify and notify work.
However in April 2006 NAPIT was successful in being awarded additional licences by Government that allowed it to expand its range of Schemes to include plumbing, heating and ventilation and introduced the 'Complete Solution'. Meaning NAPIT registered businesses only have to join one organisation, with one membership fee, one assessment fee and one notification fee.
Now in its 15th year NAPIT continues to grow, whilst still maintaining the ethos of the trade association, it is now complemented by:
  • NAPIT Training and its network of training and assessment centres
  • NAPIT Inspection, an internal and external inspectorate
  • NAPIT Certification, a standard setting and monitoring body
  • NAPIT Registration, the holder of the registers of competent individuals
  • NAPIT Services, the administration behind the scenes
Joining NAPIT

NAPIT's 'Complete Solution' allows you to self-certify and notify work across the electrical, ventilation, plumbing and heating industries.

The driving force behind the schemes is that many businesses are now operating across multiple disciplines. The most cost effective way for those businesses to comply with Building Regulations is to belong to competent persons schemes for each area they work in, so they can self certify that work in accordance with Building Regulations. But NAPIT’s complete solution means you only have to join one organisation, with one membership fee, one assessment fee and one notification fee – saving you and your customer’s time and money.

Through NAPIT you can Self-certify electrical, ventilation, plumbing and heating work, with our no nonsense, hassle free, Complete Solution.

"With NAPIT, it's easy"

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