Building Regulations are approved documents and statutory instruments. Any deviation from the regulations has to be covered by a waiver issued by the local Building Control Officer. Building Regulations are administered by Local Authorities. Many areas of Plumbing & Heating work are subject to building regulations which is why the competent person scheme has been so successful. Under these schemes 'Plumbers' can sign off their own work without having give notice building control or wait for the building control officer. This saves the householder time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions in Regulations

Frequently Asked Questions in Regulations are shown below. Select a question to read more about, or click back to return to the Regulations category.
I have completed my training for solid fuel/gas/oil installation work and have successfully passed my assessment. Can I now self-certify my work complies with the Building Regulations? 
Not until you are registered with the relevant scheme - as a sole-trader, employer or employee. The Building (Amendment) Regulations 2002 (SI 2002/440) allows that certain work in connection with the installation of combustion appliances need not entail a ... [ read more ]
Part P - How to Comply 
The changes to Part P of the Building Regulations mean that all notifiable electrical work carried out in domestic situations (dwellings) must be reported to Local Authority Building Control. The notification should be made before work starts, unless it is ... [ read more ]
Part P - The Facts 
Part P of the Building Regulations (England and Wales) was introduced by the Government on January 1st 2005. It is designed to reduce accidents caused by faulty electrical installations and to prevent incompetent installers from leaving electrical ... [ read more ]
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