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Can my water company insist that I have a meter installed? 
Water companies are entitled to install a water meter in a property when there is a change in occupancy as long as they have not yet issued a bill to the new occupier. They can then charge the new occupiers for water and sewerage services on a measured ... [ read more ]
Tap Water 
Once the water has been treated it is transported by pipeline to storage tanks. These store enough water to meet the daily peaks in demand - at breakfast and teatime - and the peaks that occur in the summer when people water their gardens. [ read more ]
Water is constantly being recycled. We are using the same water as that used by dinosaurs millions of years ago. This constant recycling of water is known as the 'water cycle'. The heat of the sun evaporates water from the oceans. The wind ... [ read more ]
Would I save money by having a water meter fitted? 
If you have a water meter fitted your charges would be based on the amount of water you use, rather than being a fixed amount each year based on the rateable value (RV) of your property. Any financial benefits depend on how much you pay now, the number of ... [ read more ]
Cold Water Storage Cisterns 
Cold water storage cisterns are supplied direct from the mains and the inlet is controlled with a float operated valve. They were made of galvanised steel which is heavy and also prone to corrosion. The corrosion can be caused by the ... [ read more ]
Cold Water Storage Cisterns - Maintenance 
Cisterns should be inspected annually to check that the insulation is still satisfactorily in place and there are no leaks. The platform and any structure to it should be checked for stability and for any signs of water damage. The lid should be removed ... [ read more ]
Float Operated Valves 
The function of a float operated valve is to maintain a constant water level in the cistern regardless of mains water pressure. There are many float operated valves available and some of these are not acceptable for installation into a feed and expansion ... [ read more ]
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