Ventilation (Part F)

  Frequently Asked Questions about Ventilation (Part F)...
May a recirculating cooker hood be used to provide extract ventilation ...
No. The purpose of extract ventilation is to remove polluted air at ... [ read more... ]
May a side hung casement window with a ventilation position be used ...
The guidance in Approved Document F suggests that a high-level, ... [ read more... ]
Approved Document F - Ventilation (2006 edition) ISBN: 978 1 85946 205 8
This edition of Approved Document F - Ventilation, replaces the previous edition. [ read more ]
Building Regulations Explanatory Booklet 
The Building Regulations Explanatory Booklet was last fully revised in May 2004, with a minor amendment in February 2005 to encompass the new Part P (Electrical safety). It provides an introduction to the Building Regulations in England and Wales only and ... [ read more ]
Danger - carbon monoxide poisoning 
Heating and cooking appliances fuelled by coal, smokeless fuels, wood and oil can be just as likely as gas appliances to cause carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning if they are poorly installed, faulty or incorrectly used. CO poisoning is mostly caused by ... [ read more ]
Non Domestic Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Compliance Guide ISBN: 978 1 85946 226 3
Ways of showing compliance with the Building Regulations Part L (2006 amendment) [ read more ]
Ventilation Article - Equivalent Free March 2008
Ventilation Article - Equivalent Free Areas [ read more ]
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