Conservation of fuel and power (Dwelling Buildings)

  Frequently Asked Questions about Conservation of fuel and power (Dwelling Buildings)...
What is SEDBUK?
SEDBUK stands for Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK and ... [ read more... ]
Building Regulations, Self Certification & Compliance
Building Regulations - Part L - Conversion of Fuel & Power in ... [ read more... ]
Provides information and guidance about the conservation of fuel and power in dwellings - set out in Approved Documents L1, L1a and L1b - and includes guidance on the installation of boilers.
Domestic Heating Compliance Guide ISBN: 13 978 1 85946 225 6
This guide (the Domestic Heating Compliance Guide) is a second tier document referred to in ADL1A and ADLIB as a source of guidance on the means of complying with the requirements of the Building Regulations for space heating systems and hot water systems. ... [ read more ]
Gas and Oil Central Heating Boilers: Advice to Householders 
Important Information about changes to Building Regulations. From 1 April 2005, all new gas boilers fitted in England and Wales must be high-efficiency condensing boilers. This change will not apply to oil-fired central-heating boilers until 1 April 2007. ... [ read more ]
Gas and oil central-heating boilers - Advice to householders 
Information leaflet on the raising of energy performance standards for new and replacement gas-fired hot-water central-heating boilers, as of 1st April 2005. [ read more ]
Guide to the Condensing Boiler Installation Assessment Procedure for Dwellings 
This Guide has been written to help heating installers carry out a condensing boiler installation assessment using the procedure as set out in Appendix G to Approved Document L1 as revised on 1 April 2005. [ read more ]
Low or Zero Carbon Energy Sources: Strategic Guide ISBN: 13 978 1 85946 224 9
Low and zero carbon (LZC) energy sources are increasingly being installed in buildings e.g. small-scale and micro-CHP units, photovoltaic panels and building-mounted wind generators. This strategic guide is intended to support the inclusion of LZC energy ... [ read more ]
High Efficiency Boilers Only From April 2005 
The Government aims to reduce UK carbon levels by changing the Building Regulations Part L1, and by April 2005, boilers installed in homes in England and Wales should fall into the SEDBUK band A or band B categories (high efficiency or condensing boilers). ... [ read more ]
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