Electrical Safety (Part P)

  Frequently Asked Questions about Electrical Safety (Part P)...
Part P - The Facts
Part P of the Building Regulations (England and Wales) was introduced ... [ read more... ]
Part P - How to Comply
The changes to Part P of the Building Regulations mean that all ... [ read more... ]
Approved Document P: Electrical safety - dwellings (2006 edition) ISBN: 978 1 85946 225 6
Approved Documents contain: * general guidance on the performance expected of material and building work in order to comply with each of the requirements of the Building Regulations * practical examples and solutions on how to achieve ... [ read more ]
BS 5482-1:2005 Domestic butane - and propane-gas-burning installations. Installations at permanent dwellings, residential park homes and commercial premises, with installation pipework sizes not exceeding DN 25 for steel and DN 28 for corrugated stainless
BS 5482-1 gives guidance and recommendations for the installation of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) supply systems at permanent dwellings, including residential park homes, and small commercial premises, with installation pipework sizes not exceeding DN 25 [ read more ]
Building Regulations Explanatory Booklet 
The Building Regulations Explanatory Booklet was last fully revised in May 2004, with a minor amendment in February 2005 to encompass the new Part P (Electrical safety). It provides an introduction to the Building Regulations in England and Wales only and ... [ read more ]
New rules for electrical safety in the home 
Read this before starting any electrical work. [ read more ]
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