Central Heating Boilers

  Frequently Asked Questions about Central Heating Boilers...
Why do gas businesses have to be CORGI gas registered?
The requirements for CORGI gas registration are set out in the ... [ read more... ]
What is SEDBUK?
SEDBUK stands for Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK and ... [ read more... ]
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Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 
Too many people die each year in the UK from gas related Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning and many become chronically ill. With symptons including headaches and drowsiness, it's often confused with flu [ read more ]
Gas and oil central-heating boilers - Advice to householders 
Information leaflet on the raising of energy performance standards for new and replacement gas-fired hot-water central-heating boilers, as of 1st April 2005. [ read more ]
Woodpecker 40-50kW Pellet Boiler 
Woodpecker 40-50kW wood pellet boiler free standing [ read more ]
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