Hot Water Cylinders

  Frequently Asked Questions about Hot Water Cylinders...
Domestic Hot Water – Cylinder Leaks
If the cylinder develops a leak in its wall, usually at a seam, it will ... [ read more... ]
Cold Water Storage Cisterns
Cold water storage cisterns are supplied direct from the mains and the ... [ read more... ]
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Combi Units 
Albion combination units offer traditional open vented stored hot water in either direct, indirect or single feed patterns. The full British Standard range is available, other sizes can be made to requirement.By storing the cold supply, tanks can be taken ... [ read more ]
CSC & CSCL 39 59 78 93 Water Heaters NG LPG
CSC & CSCL 39 59 78 93 Water Heaters NG Propane & Butane [ read more ]
Duo 120 Unvented Storage Cylinder 
Duo 120 Unvented Storage Cylinder [ read more ]
Duotank Unvented Cylinder 60 to 500
Duotank Unvented Hot Water Cylinder 60 to 500 [ read more ]
Getting the Most from your Heating System
Getting the Most from your Heating System [ read more ]
Hi-Flo 62-341 Nat Gas
The Hi-Flo Range 62-341 model is a Natural Gas fired storage waters heater. [ read more ]
Hi-Flo 65-173 Nat Gas
The Standard Range 65-173 model is a Natural Gas fired storage waters heater. [ read more ]
Hi-Flo 81-264 Nat Gas
The Hi-Flo Range 81-264 model is a Natural Gas fired storage waters heater. [ read more ]
The New IC10 Combi-Lid Conversion Unit is an innovation in water heating from Albion that fits directly onto all 400 or 450mm combination cylinders, providing immediate close coupled feed and expansion for primary circuits, thus eliminating the needd ... [ read more ]
Albion Maxistore copper cylinders make maximum use of low price tariff electricity for water heating. Larger cylinders allow more water to be heated at lower costs, and double foam insulation ensures that it stays hot until used, saving energy ... [ read more ]
RFF 190 & 280 B Series Water Heater Nat Gas
RFF 190 & 280 B Series Water Heater Nat Gas [ read more ]
Ultra fast recovery of hot water allows for areduction in cylinder size. This development hasresulted in the product we know today as theSuperduty, a cylinder used and specified by energy conscious Local Authorities, Housing Associations and private ... [ read more ]
Tristor Manual Fill AFS/BC Electric Storage Unit
Tristor Manual Fill AFS/BC E7 low tariff mains pressure all electric storage unit [ read more ]
Vitocell DHW Cylinders 
Vitocell Domestic Hot Water cylinders [ read more ]
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