Waste & Drainage

  Frequently Asked Questions about Waste & Drainage...
Areas Covered by Water Authorities
Not sure who the Water Authority for your region is? This map ... [ read more... ]
Sewage is the waste water from homes, offices, factories and other ... [ read more... ]
An interconnecting general purpose drainage system complying with forthcoming EN 1433 standards through overlay gratings to provide excellent edge protection to channel units. Up to Load Class C. [ read more ]
Drainage Management 
An Alutrap interceptor is a stainless steel water container with a series of baffles designed to suspend and retain FOG (food, oil and grease) from wastewater outlets in a commercial kitchen. This retention then allows for the effective biological ... [ read more ]
Drainage Products 
Aluline offer a range of primary in-floor filters (designed to reduce solids and food debris entering the sewage system), stainless steel channels for commercial kitchens, stainless steel gullies, wet floor drains and stainless steel pipe work. [ read more ]
For building entrances and doorways, with a choice of mats and sizes, connects to sub-surface drainage to remove dirt and water. [ read more ]
Our widest range of trapped floor gullies, telescopic or fixed height, vertical or horizontal outlet and available in special low level options, ideal for chemically aggressive environments where hygiene is critical. [ read more ]
Oil Separators 
Aluline Oil separator systems are designed to efficiently separate free oil substances from polluted rain water and waste water. Essential for the treatment of waste water/polluted rainwater from such installations as: industrial plants, mechanisation ... [ read more ]
Domestic duty channel system suitable for around house, garden, pool, patio and light vehicle driveways. [ read more ]
New level threshold drainage unit for unobtrusive drainage of surface water around the doorway. [ read more ]
Waste Removal At Source 
Aluline primary in-sink filters are designed to eliminate blocked sinks and poor drainage within the commercial kitchen sector. Complete with integral easy clean basket, the filter retains the waste particles commonly responsible for blocked pipes, slow ... [ read more ]
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