(HETAS) Solid Fuel Assessments

  Frequently Asked Questions about (HETAS) Solid Fuel Assessments...
What training do I need to be a Chimney Sweep?
Chimney sweeps clean the chimneys of open fires, and the flues for ... [ read more... ]
I have completed my training for solid fuel/gas/oil installation work ...
Not until you are registered with the relevant scheme - as a ... [ read more... ]
There are several assessments that can be undertaken for working with Solid Fuel Heating and Central Heating. These are 1. Installation of Appliances and hot water systems 2. Installation of dry appliances and 3. Service and maintenance of appliances. The first two assessments are qualifications that are covered by the competent person scheme under building regulations 2000 schedule 2A. HETAS Ltd is the governing body and operate the registration scheme.
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