(OFTEC) Oil Assessments

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What training do I need to be a Chimney Sweep?
Chimney sweeps clean the chimneys of open fires, and the flues for ... [ read more... ]
Building Regulations, Self Certification & Compliance
Building Regulations - Part L - Conversion of Fuel & Power in ... [ read more... ]
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For Plumbers who are considering working with Oil fired appliances and wish to self certify their work under the Work Notification Scheme they can take OFTEC assessments to become OFTEC Registered Engineers. This avoids having to notify the local Building Control Officer and incurring the cost of application. The courses include: OFT 101 - OFT 102 - OFT 103 - OFT 105E - OFT 600A - OFT 800
Advanced Oil Storage Tank Installation OFT 600A
Training Course and/or Assesment for Oil Technicians wishing to obtain Registration as both an Installer and Oil Servicing/Commissioning Technician for the Installation of Tanks. [ read more ]
Installation Technician - Oil Fired Appliances OFT 105E
Heating Installer for Oil Fired Pressure Jet Appliances including Tank Installation up to 2500 Litres with Energy Efficiency Modules [ read more ]
Service, Commissioning & Fault Finding Technician - Pressure Jet OFT 101
Oil Fired Technician Install Commission & Service Pressure Jet Boilers [ read more ]
Service, Commissioning & Fault Finding Technician - Vapourising OFT 102
Service, Commissioning & Fault Finding Technician - Vapourising [ read more ]
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