Water Supplies

  Frequently Asked Questions about Water Supplies...
Water is constantly being recycled. We are using the same water as that ... [ read more... ]
Float Operated Valves
The function of a float operated valve is to maintain a constant water ... [ read more... ]
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Stop Valve - Safe Operation 
We strongly recommend that a qualified plumber is engaged to undertake the operation of the external stop tap, which belongs to the Water Undertaker and that the correct stop tap key is used. [ read more ]
Frozen Pipes 
Here are some great tips to help avoid frozen and burst pipes during the cold weather spells. [ read more ]
Water Conservation 
Population growth and modern lifestyles with increased use of washing machines, dishwashers and garden sprinklers have all led to an increasing demand for water. To meet this demand and ensure that we always have plentiful supplies for the future it's ... [ read more ]
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