Renewable Energy

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How does energy use impact on the Environment?
Most of our energy is derived from burning fossil fuels, either ... [ read more... ]
What Is Renewable Energy?
Renewable energy comes from energy resources that are ... [ read more... ]
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There are several renewable sources of energy available as options we can decide to follow. Wind Turbines, Solar Energy, Bio-energy and Geothermal Energy are all becoming popular. The public when looking at Plumbing & Heating their homes are becoming aware of the various options available and are prepared to spend extra towards helping to achieve a 'green' environment and reduce their 'grid' energy usage and also reduce their energy bills. The gotoplumbing web site details Manufacturers, products and Installers of renewable energy systems.
Electricity Calculator 
Renewables are the form of electricity generation favoured by users of the BBC News website's Electricity Calculator. [ read more ]
Energy is essential to our daily lives. It heats our homes, fuels our transport and supplies our electricity, but how many of us actually think about where energy comes from? Energy can never be destroyed, it simply changes from one form to another. ... [ read more ]
Energy - Sustainabilty 
The past few decades have seen a growing concern among people of the impact modern living is having on the environment. Natural resources, such as oil, forests, and many raw materials, are being depleted, and pollution increases. In addition, the gap ... [ read more ]
Energy - The Environment 
Most of our energy is derived from burning fossil fuels, either directly in the home or indirectly in power stations. About 98% of Ireland's final energy demand is produced by burning coal, oil, peat, or natural gas. Energy use can have many and varied ... [ read more ]
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