Solar Energy

Solar energy is being captured and used as either a source of thermal energy or as a source of photovoltaic supply. The solar thermal concept is becoming ever more popular as the awarness of the need to conserve fossil fuels is growing. By installing solar panels approx. 50% of the annual hot water requirements can be met. The panels do not need blazing sunshine to operate and even in the shortest overcast days of the winter months will contribute to the hot water requiements of the property.
Low or Zero Carbon Energy Sources: Strategic Guide ISBN: 13 978 1 85946 224 9
Low and zero carbon (LZC) energy sources are increasingly being installed in buildings e.g. small-scale and micro-CHP units, photovoltaic panels and building-mounted wind generators. This strategic guide is intended to support the inclusion of LZC energy ... [ read more ]
Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Electricity Generation 
Photovoltaic or PV generates electricity from sunlight. Small-scale PV modules are available as roof mounted panels, roof tiles and conservatory or atrium roof systems. 1-3 kW is a typical power output for a domestic installation although this is very ... [ read more ]
Solar Thermal Hot Water Heating 
Solar thermal is the most commonly installed form of solar energy currently in use today. Solar water heating can typically provide almost all hot water requirements during the summer months and about 50% year round. At the end of 2005, around 80,000 solar ... [ read more ]
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