Wind Energy

Wind energy, harnessed by wind turbines, provides a clean, sustainable solution towards energy use. It is always available to varying degrees and contributes to the reduction in use of fossil fuels. Wind power is prooving to be the energy source of the future and impacts little on the environment. The free production of electicity for use at that site or for resale to the electricity boards is making this a very viable option for those home owners with the space. Small turbines can be mounted on the property with the larger ones required to be sited 25 metres from a domestic building.
Low or Zero Carbon Energy Sources: Strategic Guide ISBN: 13 978 1 85946 224 9
Low and zero carbon (LZC) energy sources are increasingly being installed in buildings e.g. small-scale and micro-CHP units, photovoltaic panels and building-mounted wind generators. This strategic guide is intended to support the inclusion of LZC energy ... [ read more ]
Wind Energy 
The Sun heats the earth unevenly, creating thermal air pockets. In order to achieve equal temperatures around the earth these air pockets move about the earth as wind. The energy that travels in the wind can be captured and converted to provide electricity. [ read more ]
Wind Turbines 
Wind Turbines harness the wind to produce electrical power. The efficiency of a domestic system will depend on factors such as location and surrounding environment and the electricity output is usually between 2.5 and 6 KWs, but can be as low as 1KW. [ read more ]
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