Frequently Asked Questions about Micropower...
Why do we need Microgeneration?
Microgeneration is cost-effective. Some of Micropower technologies are ... [ read more... ]
There are low or zero carbon energy sources available and these are increasingly being installed into buildings. There are small scale and microCHP units, photovoltaic panels and much more. Solar thermal panels for heating hot water are moving into mainstream domestic installation within the Plumbing & Heating Industry. Small wind turbines are also begining to find favour with householders as the cost of electricity rises. The gotoplumbing web site details these sources and others like ground source heat pumps for central heating.
Low or Zero Carbon Energy Sources: Strategic Guide ISBN: 13 978 1 85946 224 9
Low and zero carbon (LZC) energy sources are increasingly being installed in buildings e.g. small-scale and micro-CHP units, photovoltaic panels and building-mounted wind generators. This strategic guide is intended to support the inclusion of LZC energy ... [ read more ]
These systems are usually fuelled on gas, although some can burn a range of other fuels, and produce electrical power and thermal energy from the single fuel source. [ read more ]
Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Electricity Generation 
Photovoltaic or PV generates electricity from sunlight. Small-scale PV modules are available as roof mounted panels, roof tiles and conservatory or atrium roof systems. 1-3 kW is a typical power output for a domestic installation although this is very ... [ read more ]
Solar Thermal Hot Water Heating 
Solar thermal is the most commonly installed form of solar energy currently in use today. Solar water heating can typically provide almost all hot water requirements during the summer months and about 50% year round. At the end of 2005, around 80,000 solar ... [ read more ]
Wind Turbines 
Wind Turbines harness the wind to produce electrical power. The efficiency of a domestic system will depend on factors such as location and surrounding environment and the electricity output is usually between 2.5 and 6 KWs, but can be as low as 1KW. [ read more ]
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