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It is important for business to comply with Part L of the building regulations as well as other regulations. Energy efficient heating for back ground comfort i.e. central heating, hot water supplies and lighting are all included as is thermal gain or loss due to glazing, insulation or air tightness.
Commercial Heating Installations – basic energy efficiency checklist 
This is part of an initiative to help businesses cut their fuel bills and reduce their carbon emissions. This document will help you to check the energy efficiency of your heating system. [ read more ]
New energy efficiency advice for commercial heating systems 
Over 50% of the total energy consumption and CO2 missions for buildings come from heating and hot water use. Making businesses aware of the energy efficiency if their buildings, and in particular their heating and hot water systems, is an essential part of ... [ read more ]
Reducing the energy usage for your business 
Buildings account for almost half of the energy consumption and carbon emissions in the UK. The heating and hot water used in your building can amount to half of all your energy costs. Most businesses have rising energy costs. If you use energy efficiently ... [ read more ]
SEDBUK Gas Chart 
The Government are launching home heating checklists to enable homeowners to get information about the energy efficiency of their heating and hot water systems. The checklist is designed to be completed by a heating engineer and given to a homeowner during ... [ read more ]
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