Intensive Gas Courses

There are courses listed for 'Intensive Gas Courses' for those wishing to enter the Plumbing & Heating Industry. They include: Gas Engineer Training (Level 2 & 3) - Gas Engineer Training - Part Time(Level 2 & 3). These course are run by Training Centres throughout the UK such as MET-UK and Step to Training Ltd. More courses are being added as they become available.
Basic Gas Utilisation Training 
In August 2003, the Health & Safety Executive made changes to the category of entrants that are acceptable for CORGI registration. In brief, the changes made it a requirement that to access the ACS competency route, a candidate had to have previous gas ... [ read more ]
Domestic Natural Gas Installation and Maintenance NVQ 6012
Gas service technicians, also known as gas servicing fitters, work in customers’ homes and businesses, installing, servicing and repairing gas appliances and systems. They also test controls and safety devices to make sure they are working correctly, and ... [ read more ]
Gas Engineer Training - Part Time(Level 2 & 3) 
The Part Time"Train as a Gas Engineer (Level 2 & 3) course aims to provide you with a City & Guilds 6132 qualification by combining practical and theoretical learning with managed Work Placement. This will provide you with the relevant work experience to ... [ read more ]
Gas Engineer Training (Level 2 & 3) 
The qualifications achieved on the 'Train as a Gas Engineer (Level 2 & 3)' course are ideal for learners wanting focused gas training that will allow you to apply for CORGI registration and to work safely and legally as a registered Domestic Gas Engineer [ read more ]
Technical Certificate in Gas NVQ 6132
The NVQ 6132 provides a solid introduction into the gas engineering industry with a technical qualification in the theory side of gas. Students are encouraged to study both the Level 2 qualification and then progress onto the Level 3 programme. [ read more ]
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