Professional Courses

Professional Courses
Professional courses are courses designed for those already working in the Plumbng & Heating Industry and include courses on boilers, combi boilers, combi boilers - fault finding, gas safety management, central heating controls, lead working, air conditioning, electrical, solar panels, heat pumps, renewable energy, unvented hot water cylinders, pumps & circulators, photovoltaic panels and much more.
E learning courses are becoming more popular with more and more manufacturers offering sophisticated and easy to use on line courses.
All operatives who work in the Plumbing & Heating Industry occasionally have the need to undertake Continuing Professional Developement (CPD) type course. These occur in many styles from on and off site manufacturing training, professional Association long distance training, Association Evenings (see under Events) and formalised in house training within Training Centres or other purpose venues.
Gotoplumbing web site list these various courses.
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