Central Heating Controls Courses

With over 16 million Central Heating systems installed in the domestic market there is a whole industry within the Plumbing & Heating Industry that has developed around the installation, maintenance, service, breakdown and fault finding & repair. Central Heating courses will cover differant elements of the system including gas, oil, LPG or solid fuel Boilers and system or combination boilers either floor standing or wall mounted. With documents such as CHeSS to follow under Part L of Building Regulations all installers must be aware of the requirement of controls installed or to be installed. Layout, fault finding, repair, service are all covered in these courses in varying depths so it is important the Installer/Operative chooses their course wisely and appropriate to their training needs.
Central Heating Controls - Fault Finding 
These courses are designed for the experienced domestic central heating and hot water Engineer further their fault finding and repair logic. [ read more ]
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