Electrical Work Notification

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Part P - The Facts
Part P of the Building Regulations (England and Wales) was introduced ... [ read more... ]
Electrical Work - Can I Carry Out DIY?
Yes. Anyone is entitled to carry out electrical installation work in ... [ read more... ]
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Electrical Work Notification will require the notifying operative to be a member of a competent persons scheme and the operative must hold the required competencies in the field of electrical work (Part P of the Building Regulations apply) for which they are notifying. This is a legal requirement. Huge monetary fines and/or imprisonment await the individual who carries out electrical work or claims to be qualified to do so without being a registered person with a scheme provider.
Approved Document P: Electrical safety - dwellings (2006 edition) ISBN: 978 1 85946 225 6
Approved Documents contain: * general guidance on the performance expected of material and building work in order to comply with each of the requirements of the Building Regulations * practical examples and solutions on how to achieve ... [ read more ]
New rules for electrical safety in the home 
Read this before starting any electrical work. [ read more ]
Part P of the Building Regulations – Explained 
Many electrical contractors and enterprises throughout the UK are asking themselves, “Does Part P of the Building Regulations apply to me?” Well, if you carry out or are associated with electrical installation work in dwellings situated within England and ... [ read more ]
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