Ferroli launches first low NOx emission RITE adapted boiler

Last Updated: 3/14/2008 10:23:37 AM
Source: http://www.refrige.com/product-news/ferroli-launches-first-low-nox-emissionrite-adapted-boiler/menu-id-2431.html

Ferroli, a large industrial group that offers integral solutions for air conditioning and domestic comfort, adapts to the new RITE and launches a sealed chamber and Class 5 Divatop LOW NOx boiler, the first Class 5 standard boiler. This boiler is adapted to the new regulations’ requirements on buildings thermal installations.

ferroliThis new sealed chamber boiler model for heating and domestic hot water is environmentally friendly, therefore contributing to the protection of the  environment, thanks to the reduction of nitrogen oxide and other contaminants. The DIVA top LOW NOx sealed Boiler is the first class 5 low NOx non condensating boiler in the spanish market, as it incorporates a new water cooled burner which cools the flame base and in this way achieves low NOx class 5.

It is the perfect boiler for the installer who has to comply with the new RITE, solving replacement issues. Furthermore, these are high efficiency boilers with a 3 star marking for performance and a modulating fan, which can increase los power performance, that is, reduce fuel consumption with capacities of 24 kW, in the DIVAtop LOW NOx F 24 model and 32 kW in the DIVAtop LOW NOx F32 model. According to the company’s press release, this new boiler will be available on the market from March 2008, exactly when the RITE comes into force.

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