New boilers provide 'green and clean' heat

Last Updated: 3/20/2008 9:45:02 AM

A new boiler provides homeowners with a cost-saving, "clean" source of heat and hot water, according to one industry professional.

Julian Mears from British Gas pointed out that an energy-efficient boiler "inevitably" emits lower carbon emissions, thereby boosting an individual or family's green credentials significantly.

"Newer boilers are A-rated, which means they are cleaner," he explained.

"We know that round about 25 per cent of a household's CO2 [carbon dioxide] emissions is really down to energy - it plays a part, and the more energy-efficient your boiler is, the less harm you are doing to the environment," he added.

Mr Mears' comments follow British Gas's January announcement that the firm would be developing household boilers powered by fuel cells, which produce up to two and a half tonnes less carbon per year than a standard boiler.

Earlier this month, heating specialist Grundfos also advised homeowners to invest in an A-rated boiler in the face of the UK's rising energy prices.

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