Eaton-Williams brings Fan Wall Technology into the UK

Last Updated: 3/25/2008 11:17:01 AM

As part of its Energy-Saver programme, Eaton-Williams is introducing FAN WALL Technology, an innovative approach to air handler design, in the UK. Using the latest technology from its US based sister company Huntair, the system is being applied across Moducel’s LKP range of air handlers and incorporates the latest developments. It is suitable for both refurbishment projects and new build or any project requiring a solution where there are stringent size, reliability and noise criteria.

Reduced energy consumption is a major benefit. The LKP FAN WALL array can be adjusted by turning one or more fans off enabling remaining fans and motors to be fully loaded at or near peak efficiency. Variable speed drives permit adjustment of airflow rates by turning fans on or off and smaller fans reduce low frequency noise generation. Additional noise reduction is achieved by surrounding each fan on all four sides in the array with sound absorbing enclosures. The use of direct drive fan drives eliminates drive loses and improves mechanical efficiency by as much as five percent.

According to the company’s press release, the most attractive benefit of the LKP FAN WALL design is the flexibility achieved by reducing the size of the air handler’s footprint. The use of smaller multiple fans spaced across the intake enables the use of much shorter inlet and discharge plenums whilst still maintaining good flow characteristics. A smaller footprint also means that space freed up can be used for more valuable functions and has maintenance implications. Small fans are easy to maintain and a multiple array provides a highly redundant system without the need for standby units. Replacement of smaller fans is also much simpler than that of a larger fan and reduces the amount of time and costs associated with service and replacement.
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