Heatpak packaged boiler room

Last Updated: 3/11/2008 9:39:42 AM
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Stokvis Energy Systems has been building packaged boiler rooms for many years and has now standardised on Heatpak units that have a standard specification and drawings for various heating loads to ensure rapid delivery to site.

By installing a Heatpak on the roof or alongside a building, valuable building space can be utilized and because of the relatively low unit weight many roof top structural limitations can be overcome.

On-site labour time is kept to a minimum, which is essential on fast track programmes, and the packaged nature of the instsallation eliminates possible damage by other trades.

Minimum downtime of heating plant is achieved when a Heatpak replaces an old, inefficient boiler system and when conventional flues become either impractical or unsightly Stokvis can provide a fan dilution package.

The standard Heatpak specification covers heating only. However, when HWS generation is required a compact Stokvis package Plate Heat Exchanger can be included.

The combination of the high efficiency boiler and plate heat exchanger gives the benefit of a fully modulated, high efficiency heating and hot water system, dramatically reducing running costs and giving a very short pay-back period.

Due to the very nature of the ‘package’ concept, even in adverse weather conditions on exposed sites, downtime is kept to the mimimum. The units can be operational within hours of delivery as ‘connectivity’ to all services is minimised.
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