Mini-jetflush unit can deal with a typical eight radiator heating system

Last Updated: 3/17/2008 9:45:04 AM

Sentinel has launched its Jetflush Junior, a new, lightweight version of its Jetflush 4 unit. The new unit weighs just 15kgs when empty and incorporates a number of features that will appeal to installers. These include the use of 15 metres of 12.5mm (½”) braided clear tubing, an easy to observe water level indicator, a drain point that allows the removal of any residual water left in the unit after the flushing has been completed and an ‘inline’ on/off control that provides an effective means of operating the unit without having to be right next to the unit at the time.

The unit, constructed from medium density polyethylene uses a similar compact version of the submersible Grundfos pump that is used in the Jetflush 4. Typical working flow rates are 14m³/hr @ 9 metres head, giving the unit considerable ‘oomph’ when used in conjunction with Sentinel’s range of chemical cleaners to remove even the most stubborn sludge, scale and other debris from domestic heating systems, from radiators, pipework and heat exchangers.

Used with Sentinel X800 Jetflo – Sentinel’s heavy duty, ‘one visit’ chemical system cleanser – the new Jetflush Junior becomes a very powerful tool in the installer’s armoury and will quickly restore optimum efficiency levels to a domestic heating system.

Sentinel’s Director of Sales – UK & Ireland is John Lynch: “The new Jetflush Junior unit has been fantastically well received in France and Italy in particular, where it has been introduced to respond to the high number of smaller domestic heating systems that are typical of the traditionally larger numbers of apartment buildings."

"With the increase in the number of apartments and flats being built and converted here in the UK, the time was right to introduce the new mini-jetflush unit here too. In fact the unit can happily deal with a typical eight radiator heating system so it has the capacity to cope with the majority of UK domestic systems quite comfortably.”

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