Plumbers can perfect pipe-work with 'award-winning' tools

Last Updated: 3/18/2008 9:42:21 AM
Plumbing and heating students have the opportunity to maximise their pipe-cutting know-how with tips from specialists in the industry.

According to representatives for Kopex International, its professional pipe tools make copper pipe-cutting "easy", saving both time and effort.

"With a simple twist of the wrist, the automatically adjusting tool provides a clean cut-through for various sizes of copper piping," said a Kopex spokesperson of the Corgi-recognised Pipeslice.

The Pipe-Prep, also a Corgi winner, is used to prepare copper pipe ends, flattening and smoothing rather than cutting off burrs, reports Buildingtalk.

Plumbing professionals have verified that the Pipe-prep "maintains the integrity of the material" while also producing the right shape for subsequent joining.

Furthermore, it is said to remove oxidisation - a common cause of pipe joint failures - making it easier and quicker to achieve sound joints.

The device's smoothing of a cut copper pipe also removes any sharp edges, thereby reducing the problem of restricted flow.

Earlier this month, Midlands firm Turner Plumbing Services affirmed that Kopex Pipeslice and Pipe-prep professional pipe tools are "amongst the most important items" used during a typical day's plumbing work, including emergency repair work, boiler replacement and installation services.ADNFCR-672-ID-18509302-ADNFCR
View pipe-prep's details : click here.
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