Heat pumps 'four times as efficient' as gas boiler

Last Updated: 3/19/2008 9:41:19 AM
Source: http://www.bhl.co.uk/boiler_plumbing_news.php?article=1272&name=Heat+pumps+%27four+times+as+efficient%27+as+gas+boiler

Eco-friendly heat pumps have been chosen by bosses at a 'factory of the future' in Yorkshire.

Sheffield's ARMC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre), will source its space heating and hot water from the pumps, which are to be provided by a local firm.

The ARMC, which develops technology-driven solutions for materials and metal working, is the workplace of more than 50 researchers and engineers who lead in the field of metallurgy and engineering technology.

"Heat pumps are being widely specified for commercial and public buildings as they are four times as efficient as a conventional gas boiler," explained installer Phil Moore.

"All businesses have a part to play in reducing harm to the environment and AMRC should be praised for their foresight in choosing renewable energy as a long-term sustainable solution to their needs," he added to Buildingtalk.

Eco-experts suggest that green heat sources like heat pumps can substantially reduce the carbon emissions of commercial as well as public buildings.

With ground source pumps able to be landscaped in a property's grounds, they are considered by many to present a sustainable heat solution for the future.

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