Thermar launches range of biomass boilers

Last Updated: 3/20/2008 10:04:07 AM

A range of biomass boilers and appliances which burn wood pellets and other carbon-neutral fuels including logs, grain and maize has been launched by specialist renewable energy equipment distributor Thermar.

thermarThe Thermar range is said to be manufactured by one of Europe's leading manufacturers in wood burning technology and currently covers outputs up to 150kW. Thermar boilers feature an 8mm thick steel combustion chamber and a corrosion-free, stainless steel option is also available. In-built output modulation is said to mean a longer burn time, while some models are available to generate instant hot water with an integrated copper water loop. It includes the Peltherm automatic wood pellet boiler in six outputs ranging from 20 to 150kW, with a digital control panel including a programmer and a vacuum fan combustion system. Models up to 50kW also feature an integrated fuel hopper of up to 250kg.

Thermar’s range of biomass boilers also features the Agritherm automatically-fed biomass boiler that can burn granular fuels including maize, nuts, pellets and bran, with outputs ranging from 5 to 55kW. The automatic feeding system includes a 600 litre silo and coclea, and has a modulating fan in a bid to ensure long burn times. Additional features include a digital control panel and a self-adjusting two step output for 100 per cent and 20 per cent of the boiler's maximum output. The Logtherm is a vacuum fan log gasification boiler available in five models with outputs from 16 to 49kW. Each is fitted with a safety heat exchanger, has a solar-compatible electronic control and high temperature combustion system for improved efficiency and low ash residue, reveals H&V News.
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