Regulations / Publications

CIWEM encouraged Gordon Brown to extend proposed reduced VAT rates for energy efficient products to digital publications. ... [ read more ]
Johnson Controls’ general product catalogue is now available online and contains more than 200 pages of building controls, HVAC and refrigeration equipment.... [ read more ]
Energy regulator Ofgem has launched a probe into the UK?s gas and electricity supply markets amid public concern about fuel poverty costly bills and record profits for firms.... [ read more ]
Pegler has launched a new directory to showcase the latest designs in the firm's portfolio.... [ read more ]
City & Guilds has released a new study tracking the uptake of its most popular vocational qualifications in the UK over the last 10 years. According to this study, the plumbing industry was singled out for its ever-growing appetite for learning.... [ read more ]
Newly released by Glow-worm is a 14 page full colour glossy print production based on its ‘Clearly Solar’ range of solar thermal products.... [ read more ]
The HWAM range of stoves from Euroheat represents cutting edge Scandinavian design with an emphasis on innovation, quality and attention to detail.... [ read more ]
The new IEE wiring regulations, which were unveiled in January, mark the most significant overhaul of the electrical safety system in nearly twenty years.... [ read more ]
Hudson Reed have announced a new 112-page catalogue covering their full product range will be launched on February 1. ... [ read more ]
Heating specialist Danfoss has introduced a guide for plumbing professionals to maintain the quality of water used in copper-brazed stainless steel heat exchangers.... [ read more ]
Wolseley has launched a guide highlighting the more sustainable product choices available.... [ read more ]
A recently published report commissioned by the Health and Safety Executive from University College, London, concluded that 23% of a sample of homes in East London had one or more defective gas appliance and that 8% - roughly 1 in 12 – of the same sample ...... [ read more ]
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