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Building Regulations, Self Certification & Compliance
Building Regulations - Part L - Conversion of Fuel & Power in ... [ read more... ]
The Industry News area of gotoplumbing brings you the most up to date information on the Latest Products, changes to Regulations, Company News, People News, Special Offers, Features and much more. Members of the public or Industry Professionals should check here to see what is happening within the Plumbing & Heating Industry.
The owner of British Gas has shown its support for a company currently developing an eco-friendly boiler.... [ read more ]
Visitors impressed with quality of products on offer - and food, says Sarum partner John Mouland.... [ read more ]
A recently published report commissioned by the Health and Safety Executive from University College, London, concluded that 23% of a sample of homes in East London had one or more defective gas appliance and that 8% - roughly 1 in 12 – of the same sample ...... [ read more ]
This year for the first time ever in the UK, we have more people aged over 65 than under 18 and the trend is set to continue with the older population increasing 70 per cent during the next 30 years.... [ read more ]
Carbon monoxide poisoning is a common issue. The best way to protect yourself is to install an approved Carbon Monoxide detector or combined smoke and carbon monoxide alarm which must be tested regularly.... [ read more ]
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