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On-Line Training
Many  manufacturers understand it can be difficult for the plumbing or heating professional to take time off work to attend training days. Some have developed on line e learning courses that can be taken at a time that suits the industry professional.
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Pumps & Circulators
Grundfos Pumps Ltd
Pumps & Circulators have many applications including being at the heart of every central heating system. Older central heating systems have the circulator outside of the boiler with modern boilers containing the circulator inside the casing.
Every professional installer, heating engineer and plumber knows the importance of a correctly functioning pump. If the pump is installed incorrectly or developes a fault, usually due to external factors, the system either becomes extremely inefficient or stops working all together.
As a service to the Plumbing & Heating Industry Grundfos Pumps Ltd have developed an online e learning training programme for Installers, Heating Engineers, Plumbers and Industry Trainees.
Visit www.gplusecademy.co.uk and sign up for the Grundfos GPlus Ecademy, take the training modules, earn points and then visit the prize shop to spend your points on great prizes.
Training Courses
In 2010 Grundfos Pumps Ltd will continue to provide first class customer training.
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