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Working in the Plumbing & Heating Industry as a plumber, gas fitter, engineer, oil technician etc means you must be competant and be up to date with your qualifications and knowledge. Taking time off work to attend courses can mean lost income, travelling costs and even overnight stays. 
Many manufacturers recognise this and offer Training DVD's & CD's to help you remain at the required high professional standard.
Click on a manufacturer listed below to send them an e mail to request their digital training pack. Remember to include your name, telephone number and address! 

Training DVD: Portable Flue Gas Analysers (FGA) - A Practical Guide for Users
Are you a heating engineer who is unsure about how to use a flue gas analyser and doesn’t understand the many advanced features?
This DVD will help you utilise and understand the functionality and safety benefits of using a flue gas analyser. It is easy to work through, as it is divided into manageable training modules. Each module helps you check and assess your knowledge with multiple-choice questions and will help you understand the following:

  • The constituents of natural gas and main components of combustion
  • How BS7967 applies to domestic gas appliance installation and servicing
  • The main components of a flue gas analyser and its functions
  • How to obtain measurements on different appliance types, including fumes investigation
  • How to interpret the measurements obtained from a flue gas analyser
  • Actions required from the readings obtained
  • Why regular service and calibration is critical 

    Priced at just £9.99 + VAT, the DVD is available direct from Testo. Click here to buy online

    Find out more about Testo’s wide range of instrumentation at our webshop: or call our Technical Sales Team on 01420 544 433, option 5.
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